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Our Expectations Polcies and Procedures

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We know that these aren't the most fun to read but there is a lot of important information in here that will help us partner with each other and get off on the right foot. Also important information about what to expect in situations regarding huge snow storms for example. Please read them as they detail some very important information about how we operate and what we need from you to have a successful partnership with your pets.

We care for your pets and home as if they were my own. Please verify you have read our policy and procedures. I look forward to getting to know your pet and provide the best care possible!

Please complete your client profile and contact me with any questions!


All reservations are to be made through our online software. This can be done through your client portal under the “Schedule” tab or by posting a message to your activity feed. It is the client’s responsibility to closely check confirmation emails to confirm services requested are listed under the correct date and time. The client has access to schedule information under their “Schedule” tab at all times.

Payments and Deposits:

Non-Holiday Vacation Services

Reservations during non-holiday dates require a non-refundable deposit of 25% of total services with a max of $100 due to be received 60 days prior to the beginning of services. If booking services under 60 days prior to departure, full deposit is due to reserve dates. This deposit will be applied toward payment once services begin. If you cancel services 7 days or more in advance, a credit in the full amount of deposit will be added to your account for future services.

Holiday Vacation Services

Reservations for holiday care require a non-refundable deposit of 50% of total services with a max of $300 due to be received 6 months prior to the beginning of services. If booking services under 6 months prior to departure, full deposit is due to reserve dates. This deposit will be applied toward payment once services begin. If you cancel services 30 days or more in advance, a credit in the full amount of deposit will be added to your account for future services.

In-town, non-vacation clients

We bill our weekly walk clients in 2 week increments. The first 2 weeks’ worth of services is due on the first day of services.

Services will be billed as listed on the Confirmation email. Changes to services can be requested through the online software.


Non-Holiday Vacation Services

Cancellations may be made 7 or more days in advance of your scheduled non-holiday Vacation service and any deposit will be applied as a credit for future services. If canceling less than 7 days prior to the first day of your scheduled non-holiday vacation service period, deposit is forfeit.

Holiday Vacation Services

Cancellations may be made 60 days in advance of your holiday vacation service and any deposit will be applied as a credit for future services. If cancelling less than 60 days prior to the first day of your scheduled holiday vacation service, deposit is forfeit.

In-town, non-vacation Play Date clients

Cancellations made 24hrs or more in advance of a Play Date—any deposit is credited to account for future services.

After 8pm the night before the scheduled Play Date—25% of service will be due.

After 8am the day of scheduled service, up to 100% of the total service amount may be applied.

Cancellations made by in-town/daily visit clients due to inclement weather is exempt from fees.

Early Returns/Last minute Changes: It is not unusual for vacation plans to change at the last minute. However, please understand that Amazing Pets Care, LLC carefully schedules our time to service you and our other clients. Therefore, there are no refunds or credits for early returns or last minute changes to pet care made outside the window held by our cancellation policy. Once pet care begins, payment is due for the original dates scheduled.

Extended Absence: In the event you have to be away longer than planned it is mandatory that we hear from you! We will only accept extensions of service by direct confirmation. Your pets’ well-being depends on your communication with us. We ask that you confirm your exact home departure and return times with us and keep us up to date of any changes. Pet Sitter/Company is not held liable for any incidents due to a client’s late return or dates/services not listed in the confirmation email.

Holidays: There will be a $5 per visit fee in addition to the regular per visit fee charged for all Play Dates and an additional $15 per night fee for all Overnights and Home Stays scheduled to occur on the following holidays: New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.

Returned checks: Client agrees to pay a $35 fee for each check returned by the client’s bank regardless of the reason.

Late charges will accrue as follows:


For non-holiday vacation clients, deposits are due to be received 60 days prior to the beginning of services. If booking services under 60 days prior to departure, full deposit is due to reserve dates. This deposit will be applied toward payment once services begin. If a deposit is not submitted/received, reservation shall be forfeit.

For holiday vacation services, deposits are due to be received 6 months prior to the beginning of services. If booking services under 6 months prior to departure, full deposit is due to reserve dates. If a deposit is not submitted/received, reservation shall be forfeit.

Remaining payment is due on the first date of services.

If payment is not received on the first date of services, a 48hr grace period will be given to communicate with the sitter providing services and arrange payment.

After 48hrs a $10 fee will be added to the remaining balance due. Beginning 7 days “past due” an additional charge of $2/day will be added until remaining balance is received.

If services are not paid for as defined by this contract, we reserve the right to terminate services.

All deposits are NON- REFUNDABLE.

Duration of visits: All Play Date visits will be for approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour as requested. Every attempt will be made to give your pet the care and attention required in the allowed time. Sometimes, if scheduling permits, your pet may receive a longer walk, more play time or extra TLC free of charge. However, if the number of your pets and list of chores exceeds the scheduled visit time requested, please expect to be charged for the additional time required to provide care. All Overnight visits will be for approximately 12hrs as requested. Home Stay will provide at minimum approximately 18hrs of care in every 24hrs.

Home Access: Amazing Pets Care, LLC requires two forms of access into your home. One form MUST be a key unless client provides access to an onsite lockbox. The second form of access can be a second key or a garage code (if no key needed is needed to gain access once inside the garage). Keys not retained for future use can be returned in person or by certified mail (as requested). It is recommended your key remain in the care of Amazing Pets Care, LLC or be accessible at your home by lockbox for convenience in future use of our services and to enable telephone reservations, thus avoiding future key pick up and return charges.

Client authorizes the representative of Pet Sitter/Company to use Client’s house key(s) during the time he or she will be caring for pet(s) and property. Should incorrect keys by provided to Pet Sitter/Company preventing home access, Client agrees to pay all charges incurred by Pet Sitter/Company for locksmith or other services required to gain access into the home in order to provide necessary pet care services.

Vet Care: Pet Sitter/Company is authorized to perform care and services as outlined on this contract. Pet Sitter/Company is also authorized by Client to seek emergency veterinary care with release from all liabilities related to transportation, treatment, and expense. Should specified veterinarian be unavailable, Pet Sitter/Company is authorized to approve medical and/or emergency treatment (excluding euthanasia) as recommended by a veterinarian.

Unplanned fees: Other fees for additional services or circumstances may apply. Any additional visits made or services performed shall be paid for at the current rate. Client agrees to reimburse Pet Sitter/Company for such services or any expenses incurred for any other home/food/supplies needed. There will be a minimum $10.00 charge as well as reimbursement for any necessary supplies purchased for care – it is the owners’ responsibility to provide more than adequate amounts of food, litter, treats, medications, flea products and other items needed for complete care of their pets.

Inclement Weather: In the event of inclement weather or natural disaster, Pet Sitter/Company is entrusted to use best judgment in caring for pet(s) and home. Pet Sitter/Company will be held harmless for consequences related to such decisions.

Inclement weather is primarily severe storms, tornadoes, snow/ice conditions etc. You will entrust Amazing Pets Care, LLC to use best judgment in caring for your pets(s) and home if we are servicing you at the time of inclement weather. Amazing Pets Care will try to carry out your instructions to the best of the company’s ability. The care we provide to our client’s pet(s) and the pet(s) safety is our first concern. We request you provide a nearby emergency contact if possible. The inclement weather plan will be as follows: 1) If schools and/or businesses are closed due to weather, the Amazing Pets Care office will assess if Hazard pay will go into effect. Hazard Pay is a minimum of $10 additional fee per visit when in effect. 2) Every effort will be made to drive to your home. 3) The service schedule may be changed, interrupted, or altered due to circumstances. 4) If it is not possible to drive safely to your home, your emergency contact will be notified. 5) You will be notified that the above-mentioned contingency plan has been activated.

Pet Sitter/Company Emergency: In the event of personal emergency or illness of Pet Sitter/Company, Client authorizes Amazing Pets Care, LLC to arrange for another qualified person to fulfill responsibilities as set forth in this contract. Client will be notified in such a case.

Visitors: Please notify Amazing Pets Care, LLC if others (maids, friends, family members, etc.) will have access to your home during your absence. It is understood that the client will notify anyone with access to the home that Amazing Pets Care’s services have been engaged. Amazing Pets Care, LLC, company owner, agents, assigns, licensees, successors and heirs are not liable and are completely indemnified for any and all liability stemming from the act(s) or failure to act of third parties, whether known or unknown, including but not limited to, friends, neighbors, relatives or other service persons that shall enter your residence for any purpose while Amazing Pets Care, LLC is caring for your pets.

Unsecured pets: Pet Sitter/Company will not be responsible for free-roaming or outdoor pets in the event of illness, injury, loss or death. It is strongly advised that all pets have some form of permanent ID and that they remain inside the home or confined to a yard or pen for their own safety and welfare in your absence.

It is the client’s sole responsibility to “pet-proof” any areas of the home and/or property to which the pet has access. This includes thoroughly inspecting fences, gates, latches, doors and other devices meant to contain the pet or restrict access to specific areas. Pet Sitter/Company does not assume responsibility and has no liability for any injuries the pet may sustain or property damage the pet may cause while in its own home/property.

Fences: Fenced in yards are wonderful playgrounds for our dogs and allow them additional space to exercise and play. However, no fence system is totally secure. Pet Sitter/Company does not accept responsibility or liability for any client’s animals that escape or become lost or injured, fatal or otherwise, when instructed to leave the clients animals in a fenced in area or with access to a fenced in area by a “doggy door,” etc. This includes electronic, wood, metal or any other type of fence.

Privacy Policy: All client information will be kept private and confidential. Amazing Pets Care, LLC highly respects our clients’ entrusting us with the care of their home and their loving pet(s). We do recommend that you inform a trusted neighbor (and/or law enforcement if you have a security system installed) that while you are away, Amazing Pets Care will be caring for your pets and your home.

Service Agreement: Pet Sitter/Company agrees to provide all services in a reliable, caring and trustworthy manner. In consideration of these services and as an express condition thereof, the client expressly waives and relinquishes any and all claims against said Pet Sitter/Company except those arising from negligence or willful misconduct on the part of the Pet Sitter/Company.

Right to Terminate for Reasons of Safety: Pet Sitter/Company reserves the right to terminate this contract at any time before or during its term. If Pet Sitter/Company, in its sole discretion, determines that Client’s pet poses a danger to the health or safety of Pet Sitter, if concerns prohibit Pet Sitter from caring for pet, Client authorizes pet to be placed in a state licensed facility, with all charges there from to be charged to the client.

Future Services: Client authorizes this signed contract to be valid approval for future services of any purpose provided by this contract permitting Pet Sitter/Company to accept telephone and online reservations for service and enter premises without additional signed contracts or written authorization.

PLEASE NOTE: The utmost care will be given in watching both your pet(s) and your home. However, due to the extreme unpredictability of animals, we cannot accept responsibility for any mishaps of any extraordinary or unusual nature (i.e. biting, furniture damage, accidental death, etc.) or any complications in administering medications to the animal. Nor can we be liable for injury, disappearance, death or fines of pet(s) with access to the outdoors. Client authorizes the use of any pet photographs on print or social media marketing for Amazing Pets Care, LLC. unless given express exclusion in writing.

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